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Be inspired, and receive leading-edge information about the many remarkable benefits of a fruit-centric diet and natural lifestyle. Ellen Livingston is a top-rated, sought-after public speaker and writer for topics ranging from raw vegan science, to lifestyle considerations, to mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Her audiences include those who are seeking to raise their health and energy levels, to those ready to embark on the deepest emotional and spiritual journeys. Ellen inspires with her wholehearted dedication to living her own life in a peaceful, sustainable, and naturally healthy way. She is a true beacon, with a passion for sharing her access to nature’s simple wisdoms with other seekers.

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Heartfelt, healthy, peaceful & sustainable living abiding by nature’s simple truths.


Ellen Livingston is a Natural Health and Wellness Mentor whose insight is grounded in over 20 years of experience dedicated to living a raw vegan lifestyle, and helping others lead a creative, empowered heart-led life. Ellen lives in SW Florida.